Content Delivery Network

21Vianet Fastweb™ is the one of the leading Content Delivery Network Service brand in China market. Fastweb™ has more than 300 POPs which spread over all ISPs in China and it has expanded dozens of POPs in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Fastweb™ is running a bandwidth of more than 1T now, with total bandwidth of over 2.5T, and has more than 800 brand-name customers including CCTV, Hunan TV, Sina, NetEase,, Qihoo 360, SNDA, etc., covering the industry sectors of portals, e-commerce, online games, streaming, mobile Internet, and traditional enterprises.

Fastweb™ has built several leading technologies in the industry:

CloudCDN platforms support static and dynamic content delivery, real-time video and audio streaming, video-on-demand, software and APP downloads, application acceleration, etc.;

CloudDIY provides integrated software and solution for enterprises to build CDN themselves;

CloudXNS has the fastest DNS engine (300 million QPS for a single server), making enterprise DNS easy and secure.

CloudCache is the best available software for content localization for carriers and ISP providers.

Fastweb™ has received a dozen of patents, 40 awards including Red Herring Top 100, Deloitte China Top 50 and Asia-Pacific Top 500, etc. Fastweb™ is building world first class CDN provider with the vision of “Faster & Better”.