Cloud Computing Services

Our cloud infrastructure services allow businesses to run their applications over the internet using our IT infrastructure rather than having the infrastructure on their own premises. Instead of purchasing data center spaces, network equipment, servers and other computing equipment, customers can purchase a portion of the pooled computing resources, load applications onto virtual servers, and pay on an on-demand basis. We own the computing equipment and are responsible for housing, running and maintaining it.

21Vianet MSCloud Business Unit provides cloud technical support and operation service via Window Azure and Office 365 public cloud platform to customers in China. As the first public cloud PAAS platform in China, apart from supporting the development and application under Windows environment, Windows Azure operated by 21Vianet also focuses on open source computing, storage, database, integration and network service to provide Chinese customers the reliable, agility and valuable cloud computing platform service. 21Vianet will provide customers localized cloud service experience with full protection from Chinese cloud customer in compliance, infrastructure operation, cloud service to customer response and supports etc. Click for more details

21Vianet Cloud Syndication & Partnership Unit provides cloud ecosystem based on enterprise cloud service, which includes enterprise-level cloud platform, IT service management and enterprise-level applications; it also provides migration, consulting and management service, and offers customized solutions with high-value service capabilities to enterprise customers. On December 18, 2013, 21Vianet signed the strategic cooperation agreement with IBM and introduced the enterprise high-value hosted private cloud platform SCE+ to China. In addition, the cooperation between 21Vianet and Unisys in March 2014 will bring great benefits via Unisys IT service management service to Chinese enterprises.