Customer Support

  • What is CDN? What are the benefits of using it?

    CDN is the abbreviation of Content Delivery Network. It is designed to avoid bottlenecks and aspects that may affect the speed and stability of content transmission over Internet, to improve the transmission. By placing node servers on the network to make up the a tier of smart virtual network based on the existing Internet, the CDN system can redirect the user requests to the service node which is closest to the user in real time based on information such as network traffic, node connectivity, workload, distance with a user and response time. In doing so, users can access content that is closest to them, solve Internet congestion and accelerate user access.

  • Specifically, what’s the scope of providing Windows Azure services for China customers by 21Vianet?

    21Vianet partners with Microsoft in public cloud to serve as the Windows Azure and Office 365 Cloud service provider in China. Microsoft authorizes 21Vianet to operate its cloud-based Windows Azure. This enables Chinese users to easily use the global standard public cloud of Microsoft, which is delivered by 21Vianet locally. With the strong software ecosystem, including integration among Windows OS, Office applications and databases, Microsoft Cloud provides differentiated public cloud services for business customers. Additionally, Microsoft offer more comprehensive service experience with its unique advantages as a leader in the world’s largest enterprise software market. Partnering with Microsoft allows 21Vianet to better guarantee the operations of public cloud, including compliance, data center, network, bandwidth and infrastructure O&M as well as highly reliable cloud operations and customer services.

  • QQ is one of China’s top four integrated portal websites, and one of the Internet companies serving the largest number of users in China.

    “We have a large customer base that encompasses most of China’s Internet users. Currently, the number of concurrent online accounts has exceeded 100 million. However, network conditions are different in different places of China leading to an interconnection bottleneck. In order to support our business development and improve user experience, we have been very cautious in selecting datacenters. We would assess the quality of a datacenter from many different aspects including network quality, cost, service, and historical operation performance. Our decision to choose 21Vianet as our service provider was made after comprehensive comparison, based on the added value that the company could provide for us. “

  • Jiayuan is China’s renowned dating website, providing serious dating service for singles online.

    “As China’s largest dating website, we have put great importance on the users’ experience in visiting our website. The network information exchange among users is different from other Internet sectors, and the nationwide distribution of our users requires our datacenter to cover users from different networks across the country. By choosing 21Vianet’s datacenters, we have satisfactorily solved this issue. 21 Vianet’s services, which have been customized based on our business needs, has led to very good results. “

  • VANCL is an Internet-based lifestyle brand and China’s biggest website for the direct selling of shirts.

    “Our online shoppers are diverse and from various parts of China. They can be users of China Telecom’s network, users of China Unicom’s network or users of China educational network..Due to the limitations of the current network conditions in China, access speed for traffic between users of differing networks is slow and opening a webpage often takes a long time. By hosting our server with 21Vianet, we have solved the interconnection of users from different networks, and it has become more convenient and faster for users to shop online. 21Vianet’s services are really quite good. “

  • Oak Pacific Interactive is China’s leading web2.0 company, and also China’s first company independently developing and operating online games.

    “The information exchange between our SNS users is frequent. Interactions among users of our website produces a massive amount of data. This is different from client end online games, and the data traffic of users generally shows substantial fluctuations. When it comes to selecting a datacenter, we would need a service provider capable of customizing their services to accommodate our data needs. 21Vianet has a huge datacenter network, and can provide customized solutions and swift responses based on our business requirements. They have provided convenient and fast services for us, and have effectively supported our business. “

  • YOUKU is China’s leading video website.

    “The video industry is an industry where “being fast” is very important. Website’s speed should be fast, video play should be smooth and fast, and the speed of loading videos should also be fast. As a leading company in the industry, YOUKU believes that “speed is the king”. We have spent hundreds of millions of RMB in developing our nationwide network, in order to improve user experience and continuously increase the smoothness of video play as well as the speed of loading videos. During this process, our decision to use 21Vianet has played a critical role. 21Vianet has been our datacenter service provider for quite a while. Its nationwide datacenter service has provided effective support for our “fast” strategy. “

  • DUOWAN.Com is a portal website providing information for online games, featuring a unique YY voice community and a powerful forum for games.

    “We have a huge number of YY voice users in various parts of China. We provide high-quality voice service for them in real time. In order to let users better enjoy our voice service, our datacenter need to be as close to the end users as possible, to achieve the best coverage. Meanwhile, we need to deploy core applications in our datacenters located in tier-1 cities. 21Vianet’s nationwide distribution and multi-layer datacenter meets our requirement. By deploying core applications in datacenters located in tier-1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as deploying datacenters in tier-2 & 3 cities to get closer to end users, we have overcome a major barrier to further business growth. 21Vianet has proved a strong business partner for our company.”

  • SM70 is China’s leading third generation online games company.

    “As provider of MMO games, in order enhance the gamers’s gaming experience, we must maintain very high requirements for the quality of our datacenters, bandwidth stability and transmission rate, which are all very important factors to us. 21Vianet’s datacenters are very good, especially its BGP product, which we have been using for a long time. We put our core apps in 21Vianet’s datacenters, which are stable and fast. Our proven success collaborating with 21Vianet gives us peace of mind while using their datacenters. “

  • What are the key drivers for choosing to outsource to a data center provider?

    • Reliability
    • Stability
    • Speed
    • Costs

  • Why choose 21Vianet?

    Co-founded in 1999 by Josh Chen and Jun Zhang, 21Vianet has grown into China’s largest carrier-neutral, Internet data center services provider helping power China’s internet. Interconnectivity issues between China’s dominant telecom operators compounded by the independent nature of their provincial subsidiaries means that customers must overcome technical barriers and independently negotiate with each provincial office. At 21Vianet, we bridge these gaps. As a leading provider of third-party data center services in China, 21Vianet has the following advantages:

    1) Coverage throughout China:
    Partnered with China’s largest telecommunication companies and global hardware manufacturers, 21Vianet has successfully built out a vast nationwide network of over 80 data centers in more than 30 cities, over 500 points-of-presence and a fiber optic network which bridge the gaps between China Telecom and China Unicom’s networks by the end of 2010.

    2) Robust Services Offering:
    Our Managed hosting service leases server space in our data centers and manages those servers for our clients. We also provide interconnectivity services, connecting those servers to China’s internet backbone, as well as other value added services.

    Our Managed Network Services allow our customers to transmit data across the Internet in a faster and more reliable manner through our smart routing technology, BroadEx, our hosting area network and data transmission network.

    Our Cloud Infrastructure Services targets the rapidly growing segment of companies outsourcing their IT infrastructure to 21Vianet.

    3) Diversified customer base 
    With over 2,000 customers from every sector of the economy, our services appeal to a wide customer base, which range in size from the largest multinational companies to Internet startups. Our experience in serving market leaders in different sectors also provides us with industry knowledge, operational expertise and credibility that we can leverage in cross-selling additional services to our existing customers and attracting new customers.

  • What differentiates 21Vianet from other data center service providers?

    21Vianet has established over 80 internet data centers across China. 21Vianet owns its own Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) platform, which has a network capacity of more than 442 Gigabytes per second (Gbps). We maintain long-term cooperative relationship with China’s major telecommunication carriers. With the principle of “optimizing network deployment and promoting end-user experiences,” 21Vianet has built a multi-layer distributed network platform composed of large, medium and small cities, and owns more than 10,000 square meters of carrier-class data centers in Beijing, and an additional 50,000 square meters in other regions of China.

    Each data center maintains the highest standards with regards to backbone connections, electricity, air-conditioning, fire prevention and security. 21Vianet also employs experienced engineers who provide high quality customer service.

    21Vianet was among the first in its industry to receive the ISO 9002 certification from both the Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) in the U.S. and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). It was the first to adopt the international standard Service Level Agreement (SAL) in China and the first to promise 99.9% network connectivity and 99.99% power availability to customers. 21Vianet provides a full-time service representative for each customer and offers 24/7 customer support.

  • Why is the 21Vianet the best interconnection data center service provider?

    21Vianet owns the best BGP platform which has direct connections with the top six telecom companies’ backbone in China.

    BGP is industry protocol for supporting core routing decisions on the Internet. BGP establishes routing decisions based upon the fastest path, network policies and rule sets.

    1) BGP network connects all of China’s Internet service providers, solving any connectivity issues amongst the various networks.

    2) BGP guarantees the end customers a stable and high-speed connection to the Internet.

  • What types of security measures does 21Vianet take in regards to its data centers?

    21Vianet utilizes strict security measures for the safety of the centers, which include:

    1) 24-hour sencurity cameras record all of the activities in the centers.

    2) Professional operation and maintenance staff are available around the clock,and staff’s identity is strictly validated through Booking System and valid Identity Card.

    3) Inspection of the equipment is conducted every two hours.

    4) 24-hour security is conducted with two safety control areas to check and confirm the identity of staff entering the data center

    5) Anyone who enters the centers must be authorized and must have registered twice.

    6) Access Control System is applied to control the entrance pemission of different staff according to their identity and different areas

    7) Identity of staff will be confirmed though HID,finger printing and iris of the Access Control System.

    8) Equipment boxes are locked and professional security officers protect the keys.

  • What is the standard in IT service management and what are the advantages in applying this standard?

    The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is the most popular standard in IT service management, and is used throughout 21Vianet’s facilities.

    ITIL also applies to IDC’s. Historically, the services provided by an IDC were difficult to measure and evaluate resulting in customers not knowing whether they had the services as promised in their contracts. Today, ITIL provides an objective, strict and qualitative standard for measuring the quality of services provided.

    The ITIL is applied in cooperation with the former routine processes of operation and maintenance in data centers.

    Since data centers and hosting services’ management processes are well established, (i.e. the process of entering or exiting of data centers, the process of introducing new equipment, etc.) ,ITIL measurements have become standard operating procedures throughout our facilities. This has standardized the management of our data centers, dramatically increasing our overall efficiency.

  • How is the hosted equipment properly managed and what are the customer benefits?

    The data center utilities IBM MAXIMO for managing our hosted equipment. MAXIMO is the most widely used system for managing server equipment in IDCs. It manages equipment information, like brand, type, serial number, as well as region, data center, and even specific rack. This system allows us to efficiently maintain the quality of our equipment.

    We also have an established process for serving our accounts, including establishing the need, approving the process, conducting the work closing the process and recording any transfer of property.

  • What technical support can be provided in the data centers to resolve customer issues?

    Data centers provide substantial assistance and support to resolve any issues that customers may face, including:

    1) Installation and connection of networking equipment, which includes establishing the hardware environment after customers provide their requirements.

    2) One-time installation of network systems include establishing common operating systems, application software, network software, anti-virus software, databases, and firewalls.

    3) Other local supporting services include 24/7 solutions support which helps address any customer questions or concerns.

    4) Emergency management procedures which include:

    - Malfunctions monitoring and early-warning mechanism: Predictive monitoring system enabling early warning system to sound when potential equipment malfunctions or safety issues arise.

    - Malfunction emergency response: Comprehensive emergency response plan enabling real-time reporting of any malfunction and the standard operating procedures used in addressing any malfunction.

  • What are the advantages of receiving a “one-stop service” for a customer’s IT infrastructure needs?

    Offering a “one-stop service” within our data centers allows customers to fully integrate their network servers to China’s internet backbone while removing the headache of maintaining the server space and network connections. When customers join 21Vianet’s network of services, we handle all of the work associated with installing, maintaining, changing and even terminating the network equipment.

    “One-stop service” simplifies IR infrastructure implementation and improves the quality and efficiency received by our customers, resulting in highly satisfied customer.